The Importance of Piano Tuning

Piano is a complex instrument, regular tuning is necessary to keep your instrument in good condition. Regular maintenance will prevent serious damage and save you money from having to fix delicate and expensive parts in the long run.  Should you decide to sell your piano, its value relies upon its condition as well.  It is important to find a tuner who has been trained to handle piano maintenance.

Our Tuner/Technician 

We provide qualified, reliable and experienced piano tuner and/or technician to meet your every needs.

What causes Piano to go out of Tune?

1. Changes in humidity is a major factor.  The change in temperature causes piano strings to vibrant in a different frequency and hence changing the pitch.

2. A long neglected piano.  Piano that is seldom played will lessen string tension overtime.

3. A highly utilised piano, especially those which has very hard playing of the keys.

How often should I tune my Piano?

Ideally, your piano should be tuned at least twice a year.  Go to our Blog here for Piano Tuning.

Hear are some other common procedures and services that we provide:

Piano Repair

Piano Regulating

Piano Cleaning

Piano Voicing

Piano Assessment

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