Teachers’ Workshop Schedule for Dec 2018 to be held in Singapore

All courses are conducted in English. Participants are required to have formal music background and a good command of spoken English before they can enroll for the training. An audition may be required for this purpose.


Musikgarten Family Music for Toddlers (2 days),

Venue: Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

Workshop Fees: 2280 ( New ) │ 350 ( Review )

Pre-requisite: ABRSM Grade 5 Practical & Theory or equivalent

20th & 21th Dec (Thursday & Friday) – 2 days

1st day – 8.30am to 4pm

2nd day – 9am to 4pm

Closing Date: 6th Dec


Musikgarten Family Music for Babies (1 day),

Venue: Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

Workshop Fees: 1230 ( New ) │ 250 ( Review )

Pre-requisite: Completed MG Family Music for Toddlers

22nd Dec (Saturday) – 1 day

1st day – 8.30am to 4pm

Closing Date: 6th Dec


1. FM Toddlers Teacher’s Guidebook – Volume 1
2. Activity Cards Vol I in white ring file
3. FM Toddlers New Friends Teacher’s Guidebook
4. Activity Cards in white ring file
5. FM Toddlers On A Trip Teacher’s Guidebook
6. Activity Cards in white ring file
7. Nature’s Music Activity Cards in a yellow ring file
8. 5 Family Packs (1 Parent Book, 1 CD and instruments (Sing, Dance and Nature’s only) in a zip bag)
(a) Sing – 2 pairs of rhythm sticks, (b) Dance – 1 scarf (c) Nature’s – 1 pair of sandblock
Workshop Fees include all of the materials listed above, license fee for the first year and tea breaks & lunches
Participants in these 2 days workshop will learn about working with children 16 months to 4 years together
with their parents.
The daily schedule includes:
– learning about the very young child and how musical learning takes place at this early stage
– active participation in singing, moving, listening and movement sequences discussion of child development
– guidance in lesson planning
– practice teaching
– group discussion
– demonstration classes
Day 1 – Sing and Dance
Day 2 – On a Trip and New Friends


Activities are designed to help teachers NURTURE a loving musical bond between parent and
baby and help parents enhance their baby’s development through music-making

1. Teacher’s Guidebook (1 Book)
2. Activity Cards for lesson planning (1 pack)
3. Ring File (1 piece)
4. Family Music For Babies Book 1 with CD
5. Family Music For Babies Book 2 with CD
6. Instruments (1 rattle, 1 scarf, 1 pair of rhythm sticks) in a Plastic Zip Bag
7. My Musical World Teacher Materials : Activity Cards in a Ring File
8. My Musical World Family Pack (CD, Parent Book) in a Plastic Zip bag

Workshop Fees will be inclusive of all materials listed above, license fee for the first year and tea breaks & lunch

Course Descriptions :

Participants in this 1 day workshop will:
– learn about the Nature and Needs of the infant
– about working with babies from birth to 16 months together with their parents
– learn about how babies learn & the musical development of the infant
– differences between the baby’s and the toddler’s class
– experience practice teaching, group discussion & learn lesson planning


FMT = 50

FMB = 35

Both = 115

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