(Newborn to 18 months old)

Provides an early exposure to music in an interesting and stimulating environment. Parents learn how to sign language to communicate with their babies before they can speak. These skills are fostered through a progressive repertoire of songs and specially-designed class material.

45 minutes per session, once a week
10 sessions per term
Maximum 7 students per class

For babies from birth to 18 months
Parent to accompany child

Family Materials (Compulsory to purchase)
Consists of 1 parent guide book, 1 CD, Musikgarten – rhythm sticks, a rattle, a scarf and a zip bag

Fees and Class Timetable
Please contact us for more information. Register for a trial lesson now at $49!

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Programme Features

• Group class for parents to attend with their baby
• Parents will learn activities that will help them to:
• Bond and play musically with their babies
• Stimulate the development of the babies’ left and right brain through music
• Activities include learning how to sing, move, dance, rock, bounce with their babies and playing wiggle, tickle and peek-a-boo games with them
• Parent book and CD with superb recordings for parents to sing rock, bounce, move, dance and play musically with their babies at home. Music and songs are of outstanding arrangements performed by professional singers, instrumentalists and children’s choir

Note: This programme is also suitable for pregnant mothers – the foetus will be bathed in the musical environment which promotes brain development. Parents will learn how to bond and play musically with the baby the moment she/he is born. Fyi, we do outpost Teacher to your location if you have 4 or more freinds can join you as a group.


This programme is designed for newborns to 18-month-old toddlers and parent to attend together. Each class features various types of musical play such as bouncing and rocking songs, and wiggle and peek-a-boo games, all of which are easily replicated. You can continue the musical experience at home with the Family Pack consisting of a Parent Guide Book, a CD, Musikgarten – rhythm sticks, a rattle, a colourful scarf and a zip bag.