Trivial Trivia – Pianica

* Enjoy this song as you read this post

The main melody you can hear in this familiar tune is played on the pianica. The pianica is another name for the melodica, a free reed instrument similar to accordions and harmonicas. Pianicas are lightweight and portable, and popular in music education, especially in Asia.

IRIN 32-Key Melodica Pianica - Pink

A pianica has a musical keyboard–usually two or three octaves long–and a mouthpiece attached to a hole at the side. It is played by blowing air through the mouthpiece; pressing a musical key opens a hole, which allows air to flow through the reed (mouthpiece).


The pianica is a simple instrument to learn and use. In Bloom School of Music & Arts‘ very own Tutti Tots programme (unaccompanied music classes for 3-4 year-olds), students will learn to develop listening, focused attention, imagination, creativity, and self-expression, and by the end of the course, be able to play simple tunes on the pianica.


Nurture your child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a music context:

* Group class for preschoolers to attend independently

* Children will experience activities that promote Language, Socio-emotional, Physical, Creative & Musical Development

* Children will be introduced to sequential learning of musical concepts necessary for a strong musical foundation, all done in a fun and stress-free environment

* Children will learn music like a language through Rhythm Patterns (Gordon Rhythm Language) and Tonal Patterns (SOLFEGE, Music and Songs in Major & Minor Keys)

* Activities include singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening, playing musical instruments, story-telling, dramatisation and interpretation of different kinds of music


45 minutes per session, once a week
10 sessions per term
Maximum 5 students per class

Materials (Compulsory to purchase)
1 x Activity Book and 1 x Workbook @ $50
Pianica @ $39.90 – from the 3rd Term onwards


Register for a trial lesson at just $40! Sign up on the same day, and we will waive off your registration fee of $40!


Start your child’s musical journey with us today! Contact us or drop by our studio to learn more:

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Here’s one more, a jazzy snazzy number to enjoy while you march off into a fabulous weekend!