The Wonderful Musician, the new Tutti Tots syllabus

Tutti Tots is Bloom‘s very own music programme designed for children 3 to 4 years old. During this unaccompanied class, the students (only a small group of 5 in each class!) learn–in a stress-free environment–musical concepts such as Rhythm Patterns, Tonal Patterns and SOLFEGE, through fun activities which include singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening and playing musical instruments. Other activities such as storytelling, dramatisation and interpreting various types of music help promote Language, Socio-Emotional, Physical, Creative & Musical Development. Through the class activities, the children will not only be introduced to a sequential learning of musical concepts necessary for a strong musical foundation, but their attention span, listening skills, imagination, creativity and self-expression will eventually be enhanced.

We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Wonderful Musician to boost your child’s musical learning journey in the second half of the year!

The Wonderful Musician is a piano book series created in 2015 by Meilyani Angsana, a Bachelor of Music graduate from York University in Canada. She completed a certification course in Early Childhood Music Education, and has developed her own Music & Movement programme inspired by the writings of creators of various learning approaches toward music education, such as Carl Orff, Zoltán Kodály, and Émile Jaques-Dalcroze. She is now pursuing her passion in music education for the special needs.

The Wonderful Musician taps into children’s world of imagination, and uses relatable stories, beautiful pictures and games to introduce musical concepts and notes which are easy to understand, making learning the piano more fun and engaging. The Wonderful Musician has endearing characters such as The Wonderful Musician–whose journey we follow through the enchanted forest–who meets other characters including Zebra, George, Anna and Doggie. Together, they spread the joy of learning music with everyone they meet, and they help students recognise musical notes and eventually, be able to play well-known, easy-listening children’s songs such as Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ring Around The Rosy, and many more!

In The Wonderful Musician, music is broken down into its bare elements: Rhythm, Beat, Singing and Playing the Piano. The book can also be used in conjunction with accompanying tracks which can be streamed or downloaded from the website. The learning sequence goes like this:

Gradually we expect young beginners to be able to play the piano and sing confidently, with or without the accompanying track. The Wonderful Musician helps children stay engaged and excited to take more piano lessons.

Bloom is opening new sessions for our Tutti Tots and Tutti Keyboard programmes. With a limit of only 4 students a class, vacancies are filling up fast! Drop us an enquiry here, with the quote “REFXDENISE” to find out more!

Here at Bloom School of Music & Arts, we are able to support your child’s musical journey. We have a variety of instruments for your child to decide on, and lessons are conducted at your child’s pace. Your child is at the centre of the learning process, and there are ample opportunities (school/public performances) for your child to flourish holistically. I will leave you with a message from Meilyani Angsana herself:

I was sad to see how music education struggles to get young children engaged and excited about learning music.

It seemed there were still opportunities to improve the way kids learn.

How can we bring back fun and joy into the learning process?

This was something I asked myself often and it eventually became a challenge I had to take on.

The Wonderful Musician is my approach to make learning music fun and exciting again.

It brings us back to the very basics of music and combines play with learning.

I felt that if the foundation of music could be broken down into its bare elements, and combined with the magical imagination of children, the learning process could become enjoyable again.

Music shouldn’t be a chore and a burden for children.

It should be something they enjoy and look forward to.

I hope this book can take young kids from all walks of life on a fantastical journey, through the world of music together with The Wonderful Musician.