The mystery of language

This is a rather familiar quote I’m sure everyone has heard of. Indeed language is such an amazing and intriguing thing to comprehend!


People don’t usually speak monotonously, because pitch can mean everything in our words! Just the simple word ‘No’, with the various intonations, all can express different emotions. Point in case: The use of the Singlish expression ‘ah’.

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The acquisition of language though, is no laughing matter. There are many studies and research into the development of language, and every study and research helps us better understand the Hows and Whys of language acquisition.


From the moment your baby arrived in the world, she was learning how to communicate. Her first form of communication was crying. She cried when she was hungry, uncomfortable or tired.


How do babies learn to communicate? This time, you can help be a part of that research! The Infant and Child Language Centre, housed in the Department of Psychology in NUS, is dedicated to researching about how babies learn their first words. With the research, we will better understand how children develop language skills, along with other possible cognitive and social skills. There are researches conducted on a variety of other topics, and these studies change from time to time. You can visit to learn more about the work done at the centre.


Currently there are studies recruiting participants from 7-8.5 months, 17-18 months, and 3-3y4m old. Depending on the studies, the child may be expected to do different things, ranging from watching puppet shows, viewing images on a screen, to listening to some voice recordings.


Nevertheless, all activities are non-invasive and are safe for the child, and parents are welcome to sit in at all times.


Register your interest at, and if your child currently falls within one of these age ranges, they will contact you. If your child is outside the current target age range, your details will be recorded for contact at a later time.


If participating in a research is not for you, why not join us for our Family Music for Babies class instead? Learn how to use sign language to communicate with your babies before they can speak. In these parent-accompanied group classes, parents will learn activities that will help you to:

  • bond and play musically with Baby
  • stimulate the development of Baby’s left and right brain through music
  • learn how to sing, move, dance, rock, bounce with Baby, and play wiggle, tickle and peek-a-boo games wih them


The imported Family Pack required for the class comes with a Parent Guide, and a CD with superb recordings with outstanding arrangements performed by professional singers, instrumentalists and children’s choirs.

Register for a trial lesson at just $40! Sign up on the same day, and we will waive off your $40 registration fee AND give you the imported Family Pack worth $125* for FREE! Total Savings of $165!

* Imported Family Pack consists of a Parent Guide Book, a CD, Musikgarten rhythm sticks, a rattle, a colourful scarf, and a zip bag