Teacher Feature – Voice Training

Teacher: Jobina
Qualifications: Bachelor in Pop Music
How did your interest in music start?
My interest in music started way back when I was young. I started learning piano at the age of 6 but moved on to self-taught keyboard. As I grew older, my music interest became part of a wider activity like going to concerts, learning to play other instruments, singing and composing music. In Republic Polytechnic, I major in Sound Design which touched on music production, composing, and creating atmospheric sound. At the same time, I went to attend singing lessons to develop my singing skills. After graduating from Republic Polytechnic, I went to LASALLE College of the Arts to obtain a Bachelor in Pop Music, majoring in vocals. Performances are required every week and we learnt various music history, recording and music production. After graduating from LASELLE, I continued my interest in music by actively participating in singing competitions as well as composing competitions.
Which musicians inspire you? Who is your favourite?
My inspiring musicians are mostly chinese pop singers and my favourite is Jay Chou. He is a very talented singer-songwriter and through the years, a wide genre of music can be heard from his various albums. He is a good inspiration for me to develop my composing skills and to create better compositions for each new original song I have.
What are your other hobbies?
My hobbies include playing the guitar or piano whenever I am free. I will always bring my Ipad with me to write songs whenever I have an inspiration.
What spurred you to teach music?
The path to being a good singer has been a rocky one and till now I am still trying to improve as much as I can. Through this journey, I have learnt a lot and I wish to inspire the young to start building their foundation in music.
What was your favourite moment in class?
Working with kids in Bloom is always enjoyable as you can witness the stages they go through. They might not understand everything about music from the start, but once they go through every single process of learning tone, pitch and rhythm, it will be a sense of achievement as they gain something in every lesson.
Thank you for sharing, Jobina! Stay tuned for more tidbits on our teachers at Bloom School of Music & Arts!