Teacher Feature: Teacher Valarie

Valerie Ong Pic

Today we would like to introduce Ong Yu Ting, our Piano teacher at Bloom School of Music & Arts.


Teacher: Valarie Ong Yu Ting

Teaching Course: Piano



Highest Music Qualifications

ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Practical


What first inspired you musically?

Esplanade performances especially piano recitals and my music teachers.


Can you tell us about a special music teacher?

During my years of learning piano, I’ve changed a total of 6 teachers until I met an inspiring piano teacher when I was in Secondary 3. She was recommended by my music teacher in my secondary school when I was taking O Level Music. I was quite afraid of her when I first started my lesson with her as she was very strict and fierce. However, I’ve came to realize that her words are always strongly motivating me and she kept pushing me to my fullest potential. From her teaching, I can feel her love of music in her and therefore I was greatly influenced by her love of music as well.

It was then when I started to truly begin loving piano. With that, I’m truly grateful to have such an awesome piano teacher like her.


Do you have any musical heroines or heroes?

Amiboshi from the Japanese anime, Fushigi Yuugi.

He is a flutist accompanied with a flute crafted out of wood. Even though he only has a wood-crafted flute, he is still capable of creating the most beautiful music. The main reason that motivates him to play his flute is to help relieve the pain of others, and give them hope for a better tomorrow. However, there is also a dark side of his music, and that it can be used to injure or control the listener. This type of concept applies to musicians as well; though our music can’t be used to injure others, we could play music for them to brighten up someone’s day.


Is there a piece of music which has a particular meaning to you?

This is the first piece of music that I’ve learnt for my mother. One of the reasons that I learnt the piano is to play her favourite songs for her. I still remember how happy she was when I was able to play for her this beautiful song called “My Memory” from Winter Sonata—a Korean drama that she likes a lot—when I’d just completed Grade 3 in Primary 5. Even though this is a very simple song, it has lots of memories in it, which resembles the title of the song.


What musical projects or activities are you involved in now?

Currently, there isn’t any musical projects or activities except for the preparation of my ATCL exam this December.


Can you tell us about a particularly memorable exam experience?

I suppose it’s during my Grade 7 Practical exam. Even though I was well-prepared for my exam, halfway through my playing, my music book fell down on my hands and I continued playing like no one’s business. It was quite funny though when I think about it, I’m quite impressed at how I can manage to play with a book covering over my hands. It was the first time that it has ever happened to me and never would I ever forget about it.

Since then, I never fail to place my books properly on the piano again.




Thank you for sharing such positive vibes, Valarie!
Stay tuned for more tidbits on your favourite teachers at Bloom School of Music & Arts!