Teacher Feature: Teacher Samantha

To me, the violin is an epitome of class and sophistication. Often, the violinist looks as beautiful as the music they are playing, especially when they sway with the rhythm.

Wish you could be the next star violinist? Then learn from the professional!


We’d like to introduce Samantha, our violin teacher at Bloom School of Music & Arts.


Teacher: Samantha Lee

Teaching Course: Piano/Violin



Highest Music Qualifications

Masters in Music. Major in Piano/Violin


How did your interest in music start?

It started at the encouragement of my family, and kind teachers along my learning journey. I attended music competitions from a tender age, and have always been told to enjoy music first, rather than strive only for good results.


Is learning the piano vastly different from learning the violin?

There are some similarities and differences. For example, the musical theory part is almost the same. The playing technique is different. Playing the piano requires the finger skill of tapping the keys, while for the violin, you have to play a stroke and also tap your left hand fingers at the same time.


Which musicians inspire you? Who is your favourite?

I like different kinds of music; not limited to just classical music or violin music. It’s hard to pick my favourite, the main reason being one will have different melodies at the different moments.

To name a classical composer, I’d say the Russian composer Sergey Prokofiev is one of my favourites. His Piano Concerto No. 3, played by pianist Martha Argerich always makes me wake up eagerly to start my day!


What are your other hobbies?

Reading, swimming, gardening, and of course shopping!


What spurred you to teach music?

Some people view teaching as a routine job, while some view it as an art of reproduction. I have talked with some remarkable teachers, and we both agreed the interesting part of teaching is that the opinions and challenges over the same piece (of music) are diversified from different students. Hence, our teaching will never be boring or repetitive. I guess this is what spurred me to teach music.


What are your favourite moments in class?

I enjoy seeing my students achieve their goals such as passing exams, and making improvements as tiny as moving their fingers swifter than before.

I wish my students not only learn from their mistakes, but also enjoy learning new things. One day, hopefully, music will play a positive role in their lives.




Thank you for sharing such positive vibes, Samantha!
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