Teacher Feature: Teacher Jolene

Today we would like to introduce Jolene, our Early Childhood & Piano teacher at Bloom School of Music & Arts.


Teacher: Jolene Seah

Teaching Course: Early Childhood & Piano


Major in piano and keyboard, secondary instruments are guitar, double bass, synthesizers

Highest Music Qualifications

Diploma in Sonic Arts (Republic Polytechnic), ABRSM Grade 8 Piano and Theory (2007)


What first inspired you musically?

To take on a journey in the musical path, I was greatly inspired by my previous piano teacher who guided me to learn to appreciate music in a wider perspective. After joining the course in my polytechnic, the people and experiences I have gained inspired me in a greater level.


Can you tell us about a special music teacher?

I define a special music teacher as someone who is like a candle, where he’she consumes himself/herself to light the way for others. When I entered into the special needs sector, I saw a music therapist from Rainbow Centre, Jacqueline, who really whole-heartedly put in her passion and effort in helping the special needs children with the use of music. Observing the interaction between the children and teacher/therapist, I realised the power of music in bridging the bonds between two persons, and further extending it out into their lives.


Do you have any musical heroines or heroes?

My musical heroine is my mother. We shared many musical experiences together in life, and with her inspiration, encouragement and courage, I plunged in to pursue my musical dreams.


Is there a piece of music which has a particular meaning to you?

Favourite piano tune: In The Mood by Glenn Miller


What musical projects or activities are you involved in now?

Currently teaching music and taking charge of all performances at my organisation.


Can you tell us about a particularly memorable exam experience?

My Grade 8 ABRSM examination was quite memorable. I remember how much effort and time I put into practising and training for it. The best, memorable experiences were the times during my polytechnic years, where I participated in many musical events, theatre, and stage performances.




Thank you for sharing such positive vibes, Jolene!
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