Teacher Feature: Teacher Elaine

Today we would like to introduce Elaine, our piano teacher at Bloom School of Music & Arts.


Teacher: Elaine Lau

Teaching Course: Piano



Highest Music Qualifications

Piano-Trinity ATCL Certificate, Theory-ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate


How did your interest in music start?

When I was 5 years old, my mother let me choose between ballet and piano. I don’t remember exactly why I chose the latter, but I have been learning how to play the piano since then. It was only until grade 7 did I find my true passion in piano. I’m so interested in music that besides my piano practice sessions, I also join Dancing Society, Chinese Orchestra, and Drama. It’s easy to notice that most of my interests and hobbies are music-related.


Which musicians inspire you? Who is your favourite?

There are no specific musicians who inspire me, but I can say jazz helps to develop my interest in piano. My piano teacher would always play some jazz pieces that I loved so much and wanted to master. I really like a jazz composer named George Gershwin and I love his Three Preludes the most.


What are your other hobbies?

I enjoy dancing (Latin, Hot-hula, Contemporary dance), Chinese Orchestra (I play the suona) and drama. Besides my music-related hobbies, I do like jogging, yoga and exercising too.


What spurred you to teach music?

I must say that Miss Loi, the piano teacher who guided me throughout my learning journey, is wonderful. Her passion in teaching and dedication to students inspired me a lot.


What was your favourite moment in class?

I always loved it when my piano teacher played me songs. I can still remember that everytime I listened to the pieces, I felt like I was being led by her to explore the music world. This act of hers never failed to make me feel one step closer to my dream.




Thank you for sharing such positive vibes, Elaine!
Stay tuned for more tidbits on your favourite teachers at Bloom School of Music & Arts!