Teacher Feature: Teacher Samantha

This Teachers’ Day, let us get to know one of our teachers from Bloom School of Music & Arts!


Teacher Samantha


She is often the first face you see when you enter Bloom, and she is Bloom’s very own superhero, juggling both a receptionist’s duty, and teaching! Let’s find out more about Samantha (text interview has been edited for clarity and continuity)!


What first inspired you musically?

I saw a man playing the piano in one of the shopping centres, and the song he played was so soothing.


Do you have any musical heroines or heroes?

I don’t.


What instruments do you play?

I play the piano. I also learn the violin and the guitar.


What are your other hobbies?

It’s doing cross-stitch.


Can you tell us about a particularly memorable exam experience?

A memorable exam experience for me was the moment the examiner praised me for doing a great job.


What was your favourite moment in class?

My favourite moments in class include playing music together with other people or students, with different instruments.


What spurred you to teach music?

I started to teach music so as to let as many people know that music is like life. I also want to share my musical knowledge.


The next time you come by Bloom, remember to say hi to Samantha!
Stay tuned for more titbits on your favourite teachers at Bloom School of Music & Arts!