Musikgarten Preview @ JB

Musikgarten is a highly acclaimed Early Childhood music programme from USA with 30 years of research on child development and psychology. They are the leader in Early Childhood music education–for children and teachers. Through its comprehensive educational programme, children from newborn to 6 years old will develop a deep affection for music and possess the ability to express it.

Songs, dances, rhythms and stories are repeated appropriately, building on what each child has mastered, hence making successful learning easier. The Family Packs, that include age-appropriate instruments and CDs which songs are also sung in class, help to bring lessons into the home environment, thus involving the whole family and enhancing parent-child interaction.

The Musikgarten curricula are adopted to enhance children’s learning abilities. Upon completion of the final module, your child would have:

• Good aural skills (be well prepared for Aural Tests in music exams)
• Improved memory and good listening habits
• Developed sight-reading and sight-singing skills
• Learnt how to do simple composition, transpositon, improvisation and dictation
• Been familiar with harmony, chord progression and forms in music as well as of composers, and music of different periods
• Enhanced social skills through family interaction, including parent/child bonding
• Acquired the proper keyboard/piano skills

Over time, your child will be well prepared, and ready for individual music lessons!

Bloom School of Music & Arts (Singapore) is delighted to partner with Clever Learning Mount Austin (Malaysia) to share their success in the Musikgarten programme with parents and children in Johor Bahru. Join us at our preview sessions and learn more about the Musikgarten programmes–Family Music for Babies and Family Music for Toddlers!

Venue: No. 2A-01, Jalan Austin Heights 3/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru

Only LIMITED SLOTS are available, so fill in this form and register your interest us now!

For more details, please call Bloom School of Music & Arts (Malaysia) at 011 3716 8832, or send us an email with the quote “JBPREVIEW” to

Hope to see you there!