Musikgarten – Family Music for Babies (FMB)

Music for babies?

And why not? Just like how music can be therapeutic for you, it may well work for baby too. Research has also shown that studying music from a young age profoundly influences cognitive development.

Bloom School of Music & Arts is one of the few music schools in Singapore to offer music for babies through the use of the Musikgarten programme.

What is Musikgarten?

Musikgarten’s music curriculum was created in 1994 by Dr. Lorna Heyge and Audrey Sillick.

Dr. Heyge’s education in music is extensive, and Kindermusik was her brainchild in 1974, an early childhood music programme adapted from a music curriculum she was commissioned to teach. She sold the business in 1993.

She met childhood education specialist Audrey Sillick in the Toronto Montessori School, and continued studying the role of music and movement on the development of young children. Dr. Heyge and Sillick then worked together to develop the Musikgarten curricula in 1994; the culmination of their beliefs and studies which reflect their combined education, experience and current research in childhood development.

Musikgarten’s approach to music is fun not only for children, but for parents and teachers alike. Their comprehensive and progressive early childhood programme spans the first nine years of a child’s musical development before culminating in group piano lessons. To foster music literacy and nurture independent and thinking musicians, patterns and songs are repeated and built upon, addressing students’ needs at each level.

Why choose Musikgarten?

The people behind the Musikgarten curricula believe that:

  • All children are musical
  • Music meets the needs of children, and benefits them holistically
  • Music must be introduced at an early age, and must involve the family
  • We can cultivate a child’s appreciation for music and the natural world around him/her, and build his/her foundation for life-long music making, by using high quality educational resources and instruments
  • A carefully sequenced approach to music reading allows a child to fully participate in musical experiences of all kinds

Musikgarten’s philosophy is rooted in the understanding that movement and music activities are beneficial for a child’s holistic development. Early childhood music education can positively impact language development, self-expression, memory skills, concentration and listening skills, social interaction, fine and gross motor skills and coordination, problem solving, goal setting and teamwork. The child’s learning experience can further impact other areas of development such as creativity, family bonding self-esteem, confidence, and emotional development.

This is one of the many activities you get to enjoy with your baby in our FMB classes. Read on for the benefits of joining us in class.

The Musikgarten Family Music for Babies (FMB) experience:

  • Increases baby’s curiosity about music
  • Establishes a foundation for singing and musical thought
  • Develops baby’s listening skills and sense of rhythm
  • Encourages bonding, and musical play with baby
  • Allows for social interaction with other parents and their babies
  • Stimulate the development of baby’s left and right brain through music

This programme is designed for newborns to 18-month-old toddlers and their parents to attend together, in a group of up to 7 babies. This programme is also suitable for pregnant mothers—the foetus will be bathed in the musical environment, which promotes brain development.

Each class features various types of musical play such as; bouncing and rocking songs; wiggle, tickle, and peek-a-boo games; and singing, moving, and dancing; all of which are easily replicated. You can continue the musical experience at home with the Family Pack* consisting of a Parent Guide Book and a CD  (optional – rhythm sticks, a Musikgarten rattle and colourful scarf).


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