Music lessons for babies, Musikgarten’s Family Music for Babies (FMB)

As someone who grew up learning music, now that I have my own children, naturally I want them to learn and appreciate music too. So when I got this opportunity to research about music lessons for babies, I was glad to find out about Musikgarten and its programmes.


Your child’s brain is prewired to learn music, just as it’s prewired to learn language. In the same way that babies go through a period of babbling before they learn to speak, they also babble musically.

– Dr Daniel Levitin, Ph.D., author of This is Your Brain on Music


Since my Little One’s second trial FMB (Musikgarten’s Family Music for Babies) class in October 2016, every day I have been singing the song Alouette (learnt during the class) with the consistent actions and musical accents. Now two months later, my Little One knows enough to prank me! And I’m convinced about the power of music lessons, not only for my baby, but for your babies too!



For our music lessons, our teachers will show you how to sing and move with your babies, such as tapping along to the musical rhythm on the soles of your baby’s feet, or clapping along to a song.


This helps [baby] realize the connection between what he hears and what he feels, which enforces his musical awareness in a playful way.

– Dr John Feierabend, Ph.D., director of music education at the Hartt School of the University of Hartford, Connecticut


If you still need to consider whether music is a suitable enrichment for your Little Ones, or before considering other brands of music lessons for your babies, why not come down for a trial lesson in Bloom first? Our friendly staff will be ready to answer your queries.

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