Happy Valentine’s Day (2017)

Ah Seng Carousell

This has been making the rounds on the internet just before Valentine’s Day. Ah Seng, a vegetable seller at a wet market has been offering his take on the Valentine’s Day bouquet; novel, practical and healthy, he deems gifting Vegetable Bouquets more meaningful than gifting flowers.

In pure Singlish, he shares the purpose and usefulness of each bouquet, such as this one, the ABC Soup in a Bouquet:

Ah Seng ABC Soup in a Bouquet


Pretty lomantic (romantic), isn’t it? If cooking isn’t your forte, and you prefer to belt out hearty tunes, why not pick up vocal classes?


Bloom School of Music & Arts offers a vocal course for rookie singers to learn proper techniques to make full use of their vocal instrument. The course will help you learn how to minimise the possibilities of straining your voice, sing in the correct rhythm and pitch, as well as enjoy the process of singing as much as possible. There will be various parts to the vocal course which include:

1) Breathing techniques to help singers sing with better control of pitch for the duration of their singing
2) Learning the correct posture to ensure a fluent flow of air in the body
3) Vocal warm up exercises that help prepare the vocal cords to stretch to prevent any strain while singing
4) Focus on the dynamics and lyrics of a song
By the end of your course, you will be ready to serenade your beloved, big or little.

If you really fancy to be like Dad Dave Crosby crooning with his daughter Claire Ryann, send Junior for our Little Singers course, taught by Bloom‘s vocal coach, Jobina. The vocal lessons and singing book (to be purchased) will be a guide for them to practice and learn to sing in the correct pitch, tone, as well as build their confidence in singing.


To find out more about our vocal course, leave an online enquiry, or visit us at Bloom School of Music & Arts:

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On this special day of love, 

Bloom is sending you a treasure trove, 

Of hugs, kisses, and everything nice, 

To delight your senses, not only once, but thrice!

Happy Valentine’s Day!