Happy Children’s Day 2016

Our children are our greatest blessing

No matter how many times my children drive me up the wall each day, I take a deep breath, come back down and then smother them with big hugs, because they are my greatest blessing.

Universal Children’s Day is established to bring awareness to children around the globe that have succumbed to violence in forms of abuse, exploitation and discrimination. In Singapore this first week of October, we celebrate our children, for who they are, and for what they will be.

Our children’s health is of utmost concern for most parents. When we think of health, we also think about food. The quickest way to a child’s heart, is through his tummy! Sweet treats are tempting and addictive, however, one’s health can spiral out of control if not kept in check. It is important for your child to eat well now, to grow and eventually establish good eating patterns.

As parents, we can also set the right examples for our children; eat healthy family meals together; cook together. Cooking is more than just about a meal; it is a lifelong skill, and to many Asian mums, even a rite of passage. Most parents are scared of kids using things like knives, kettles and ovens. But when we allow children to be involved in the cooking process, new foods become more familiar and less scary.

The more kids control the food preparation, the more they are likely to enjoy the food and ultimately eat better.

— Bryan Urbick, CEO and President of the Consumer Knowledge Centre

With the right support and tools, children as young as age three (yes!) can learn to prepare food, and understand concepts (Math, Science and the world) at the same time. And as Lennie Malmgren, IKEA product developer and a trained chef, puts it: “If you learn to cook at an early age, you will continue with it. It’s like riding a bike or learning a language; if you learn it at an older age it takes so much longer and you might lose interest. And the core of cooking–and the kitchen–is the knife. If you have one and know how to use it, you can basically do anything.”

So take this upcoming holiday to bond with your children. Here’s a fun recipe from HPB which you can do together with your children, that will not have your kitchen end up looking like a scene from CSI:

Meatball Submarine HPB Healthilicious Recipes p. 10

I hope you have fun! Happy Children’s Day, from all of us at Bloom School of Music & Arts!

And one last advice:

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