Bloom turned 5 on 28 December 2014. It was a bustling music carnival that day with free balloons, popcorn, candy floss, and performances by students and staff of Bloom School of Music & Arts.

What a better way to start the party than with a bang; the percussion performance definitely gave us a rhythm to groove to!

In the school, new parents had a sneak peek at our famed Early Childhood Music Programme, the Family Music For Toddlers class, one of two parent-accompanied programmes which incorporates materials from Musikgarten, America’s leading educator in early childhood music education.
Carol, the Principal at Bloom School of Music & Arts taught today’s trial lesson. Here’s my Little One enjoying her first musical experience.

Outside at the podium, our guitarist and singer, voice coach Jobina are entertaining the public and would-be singers with their rendition of Jessie J’s Price Tag, Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, and to put us in the Christmas mood, Wham’s Last Christmas.

In another segment of the day’s events, students as young as four years old to their teenage years performed their musical pieces with no stress and much pizzazz. These talented individuals have proven that there is no limit to when you can start music.

One of Bloom School of Music & Arts’ piano teachers, Xiaoya, captivated her audience with a stunning performance of a classical number. Imagine the amount of effort needed to perfect such a piece, but oh the satisfaction when you have indeed mastered it. It is effort well paid off!

Three of our school’s students also gave their best efforts in a drumkit performance outside the school, to much cheer from the audience young and old.

I’m ending this post with an interview with one of these young drummers, Aaron (interview has been edited for clarity and continuity):

First, tell us your name and your age.
I’m Aaron Lim, I’m 13 years old.

How long have you been with Bloom?
About five years.

What made you interested in learning the drums?
Watching line dance videos. Watching drum videos.
(Aaron’s father piped in) He loves line dance. So that started off the rhythm (chuckles) in him. That’s how we discovered that he loves the rhythm, and we thought that probably playing drums will actually help him to cultivate the interest. So that’s why we put him through the drum class.

So do you do line dancing?

It’s just because of the rhythm?
(Aaron’s father) He draws. He’s from SOTA. So he specializes in visual arts. He has interest in the arts.

So interesting! Which grade are you at for your drum lessons?
Grade Two going on Grade Three.

So do you intend to continue here in Bloom?

Let Bloom School of Music & Arts be your reason to play the drums!
Thank you to all who came by to celebrate our birthday with us! We hope we have awakened the inner music in you!
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