Halloween 2019

Halloween, celebrated on 31st October every year, marks the beginning of a 3-day Christian observance, followed by All Saints’ Day and concluding with All Souls’ Day.

Over time, Halloween became a secular holiday, with its associated festivities, such as Trick-Or-Treating still being observed. This holiday has now incorporated scary beings and symbols into the celebration. Celebrants take joy in dressing up in costume and decorating the place with horror memorabilia.

Horror movie marathons make for an interesting activity to have during Halloween too! I tend to skip straight-up horror films, although I enjoy the occasional scare (think thrilling movies with a compelling storyline and strategic scaring). I also like a good movie with a memorable soundtrack and music that stoke your innermost fears.

Which horror movies do you enjoy watching?

Have you ever wondered how horror movie sounds are made? This Halloween, let’s learn about the Nightmare Machine.

Film music composer Mark Korven wanted more than the usual digital samples used in horror movies, so he had a unique, one-of-a-kind instrument commissioned. Affectionately known as the “The Apprehension Machine”, this nightmare-inducing sound machine was created by guitar maker Tony Duggan-Smith, who attributes this machine’s success to his experience and skill set. He took on the task of creating an experimental, acoustic instrument that could give more original, creepy-slash-horrifying sounds; music that stir primal emotions and feelings.


“(But) with an instrument like this, the goal is to produce sounds that, in this case, are (so) disturbing.”
– Mark Korven

Are you spooked yet?

Check out this video to see how The Apprehension Engine is used to create amazing sounds that could make your blood run cold. Listen to this in the dark tonight if you dare!



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