Get active with Singapore 2017

This year’s National Day theme song is a ballad composed by Lee Wei Song, Singaporean veteran songwriter, and Managing Director of Lee Wei Song School of Music. Jay Lim, local musician, Principal of LWS School of Music, and a judge in “The Voice of China 2016” Singapore’s audition, wrote the lyrics and lent his voice to Because It’s Singapore!, which music and lyrics is ‘inspired by the everyday lives of Singaporeans living together in harmony’ (Here is a look back at NDP theme songs through the years). Both musicians worked to make the song profoundly emotional, and yet easily sung with its simple lyrics.

Let’s celebrate as #onenationtogether: In line with Singapore’s recurring theme on eating healthy and keeping fit, get a move on with this year’s workout which is specially choreographed to this year’s NDP Song.



Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Just four months shy of an impending glorious celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, our very first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, succumbed to pneumonia and passed away at 3:18am on 23 March 2015.

To many, he was bold and ambitious, hardworking, a brilliant legal scholar, a pragmatist, and a romantic and dedicated father to both his children and his country, whom he stated he gave up his life to build. He left behind a legacy of a successful, modern Singapore that continues to flourish.

Let’s remember this quote and respect his efforts in fighting for our independence, safeguarding our intentions so we can lead comfortable lives, and ensuring the name of Singapore is recognised globally.