Exclusive Interview with Knot d’Amour

Raising cookie monsters in the house means you end up with a sizeable amount of cookie tins you cannot bear to discard.

So, I thought I would upcycle the tins and disposable chopsticks lying around in the house, into a drum set that my kids can play with! I was considering various ways to bind the chopsticks as the drum stands, and decided that lashing would be a unique method.


I had an early exposure to knots during my days of making friendship bands. But did you know that knots are for more than just aesthetic purposes?

Knots are extremely helpful for various purposes, and each knot excels in different situations, and may even be used beyond its intended design. Here is a good-to-know list of knots to learn. And here is a helpful infographic:

7 knots every Eagle Scouts know

Source: survivallife.com


You can even make knots fashionable: in the form of a paracord bracelet! I am thrilled to have an exclusive interview with the Team of Crafters at Knot d’Amour, to find out more about paracord bracelets (email interview has been edited for clarity):

Who/What inspired you to set up Knot d’Amour?

Since young, I was always fascinated with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) stuff. It allows a lot of creativeness and also the freedom to create something that is customised to what I really want. Together with my wife’s recommendation, Knot d’Amour was founded in 2016 to bring to everyone in Singapore a bracelet that is both durable and customisable.

Couple Paracord Bracelet (Classic Series)

It is also partly due to the increasing attention to local craft markets. There have been many exhibitions and platforms to showcase the local craft-makers. I believe this is the right opportunity for many “dreamers” to truly make their dreams a reality. I always remember the sayings “The biggest regret will always be to never try at all” and “There is a 50% chance you may not succeed if you try, but it is a 100%  failure if you never try at all”, and that keeps me going.


In what kind of circumstances will we anticipate the use of a paracord?

One must first know that, there are many different types of paracords. The more commonly used is the 550 Type III paracord. The term 550 refers to the weight tolerance of 550 lbs, and Type III refers to 7-9 inner strands with each strand made up of 3 yarns.

On top of the above, there are 2 categories: Commercial-grade and Military Specification-grade (MIL-SPEC).

Commercial-grade are less expensive but that also means that it is most likely not able to reach the tolerance rate of 550lbs, but are still durable for light activities. MIL-SPEC graded paracords are tested to be of high tolerance, sometimes even exceeding 550lbs and are used in parachutes (hence the name paracord: parachute cords).

Paracords are commonly used in hiking, camping and many extreme activities. Paracords are also often used for survival situations. A single paracord can be used in over 100 different ways (pitching of tents, bandages and even fishing lines, etc.)

Other than that, as there is a variety of colours for paracords, it can quite trendy and fashionable to wear one. The rugged look of a paracord can very easily portray the tough side of an individual.

Couple Paracord Bracelet (Classic Series)

What are the advantages of wearing a paracord bracelet?

In Singapore’s context, wearing a paracord bracelet is more about bringing out your inner self through the colours of the bracelets.

The other advantage of a paracord bracelet applies to those who like to travel or go on adventures, as it can prove to be a very reliable survival item in times of emergency.


What are some useful knots and lashings we need to know?

There are too many varieties of knots out there, each with its own pros and cons. But the more common one to start off a bracelet should be the Cow Hitch knot, which can firmly secure the rest of the paracord to prevent them from moving too much.

aka Lark’s Head knot: Quick and easy to tie and untie

For outdoor purposes, there are different knots suitable for different situations.


What would you like to say to aspiring Bear Grylls’ or fans of adventure?

Never give up and keep trying till the end. The amount of work that goes into one paracord bracelet can be as many as 5 remakes, which means unwinding one complete bracelet and re-doing it just because the size is off. One must be willing to face failures and stand up on one’s feet once again. That’s how one can become successful and efficient. Practice makes perfect, failures make successes.


4th Edition

To see their range of products, and to customise your first paracord bracelet, visit their shop at Knot d’Amour.

Also, stay tuned to their sister brand, Minimalist Exclusive, for minimalist-styled paracord bracelets, keychains and more.

Quote DENISEXKNOTS when making your enquiry/purchase.




I hope this skill of tying knots will come in handy for you, whether you are using it in just your own backyard, or in the wilderness for a camping trip. I will leave you with a quote, that I hope will inspire your new adventure!


“Life is a Journey, Into the Unknown. Be Adventurous, Brave and Feel the Excitement.”

Knot d’Amour


Happy New Year 2019!

Have a blissful, awesome, magnificent, cheerful, and

rocking year ahead!