Mindful Me: Embracing Change

One thing that a Taurus like me hates more than people wasting their time, is when things change because of people. Change is a VERY big word for me. I prefer to stick to my normal routine; the habit of doing things “the right way”. Suddenly not knowing how to do anything about the change can throw me into an emotional spiral aka Panic Mode.

Music has a magical ability to lift our moods and positively influences our subconscious minds (where negative thoughts feed on our fears and acerbate our stress levels). Listening to music is an inexpensive, quick-acting solution that could just save your sanity. Frank Fitzpatrick, Director/Founder of EarthTones (also a multi-platinum producer, Grammy-nominated songwriter, award-winning filmmaker and advocate for the use of music for personal/social transformation) has these tips to add music in your daily routine, to manage stress and create more joy in your life.

  1. Instead of using your blaring alarm, wake up to familiar music that eases you into the day, and starts you out in a good mood
  2. Singing regulates breathing and promotes relaxation. Pick songs that you know will inspire you, or puts you in a better mood. So, sing aloud in the shower, in the car, wherever you are.
  3. Play music! Spend a few minutes every morning playing music. Music has the remarkable ability to shift thought patterns and moods, and improve our physical well-being. Connect with your instrument in a positive, relaxed and joyful way, and allow the vibration of music to do its magic.

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Not a very musical person? There are other ways to embrace change and relieve stress. Avalyn Lim started The Light Quotient as a way to bring personalised coaching to women. Integrated Coaching is a holistic, transformational system consisting of coaching and energy work. You can transform your life and create lasting change by learning to integrate your body, mind, and spirit, so you can perform at your very best in all situations.

She shares 3Rs to help you make the most out of change:

  1. Reflect

Be true and ask yourself these assertive questions:

How did I get here? Is this where I want to be? Now that I’m here, what’s next?

When you have an idea of who you are and want to be, one of life’s biggest hurdles is out of the way.

  1. Reframe

When faced with change, especially unexpected change, many emotions can overwhelm you; self-doubt, frustration, disappointment, to name a few. Do not push them away and pretend they do not exist (This is a good time to do some mindfulness)! Ask yourself: What is the underlying trigger? Once you have it figured out, the next move is to reframe the situation in a way that serves you.

It is not about putting up with things you hate, especially if you have no reason to. If you have encountered change, each experience, no matter big or small, is an invaluable learning experience.

Avalyn Lim

You will need some creativity (and lots of deep breathing) to reframe your experience to make sense of it and see it from that light.

— Avalyn Lim, founder of The Light Quotient

  1. Reboot

Unfortunately we cannot turn back time to undo a change, but we can move forward with a reboot. Acknowledge, and embrace the change. Each change is an opportunity to let go of past expectations and start anew.

Reboot by reviewing and renewing your personal mission statement: What motivates you? What calls to you? What do you want to learn? How do you want to reach the next stage of your life/career?

Change is scary, but it is also exciting and full of endless possibilities. So embrace it!

Need some help? You can approach Avalyn here.