I was watching my Big Boy playing on the toy drum set, when I remembered that there are many different types of drum sticks a drummer can use to create various sounds. I decided to read up about it, and voila, a drummer’s mallet reminds me of a cake pop!
So here’s a very simple recipe to making your own cake pop, the rocking musician way:

The Drummer’s Strawberry-Chocolate Cheese Cake Mallet

Makes about 15 pops

Secret Recipes:

(from left to right)
4 strawberries, cut into tiny pieces, pat dry
4 digestive biscuits, crumbled
Cream Cheese, 65g
Pound Cake, 150g, crumbled
Chocolate chips, 50g
A dash of milk
A large bowl
Cake Pop sticks
A baking tray
Cling wrap
A Styrofoam box / a glass filled with candies (anything suitable to hold the cake pops)

1. Combine the ingredients in a large bowl.

2. Mix the ingredients, ensuring it is not too wet. You want the consistency of playdough. Add more cake or biscuits if too sticky.

3. Once the consistency is right, roll out the dough into little balls and place them onto the baking tray.

When filled, cover with cling wrap and place in the fridge for two hours and more.

4. Melt chocolate in a bain-marie. Add a dash of milk to water it down a little.

5. When the chocolate is melted and silky smooth, remove one ball of cake from the fridge, dip one end of the cake pop stick into the chocolate, and pop the cake halfway through.

6. Dip the cake pop into the chocolate and swirl it about, coating the cake pop.

Let it hang upside down to drip off excess chocolate.

7. Stick the cake pop into the Styrofoam box to drip dry. Or decorate a glass with your favorite candies and stick in your cake pop!

You can even try mixing and matching to create your unique cake pop by changing the fruit or the cake flavor!