I hope all of you had a pleasant Mothers’ Day this past weekend! If you haven’t had the chance to celebrate with Mumsy on 8 May 2016, don’t fret. Here’s a simple recipe to win over her heart, and her tummy.

Mumsy’s Garden Fantasy

Oreo (loosely crushed)
Cream cheese
Banana (sliced)
Sponge cake
Mint leaves
Gummy worms
Milo powder

1. Use your creativity! You can put as much, or as little as you like!
2. Mix the Milo powder with the cream cheese.
3. In a nice glass, layer the ingredients in any way you fancy. I like mine this way (from the bottom, up):
Sponge cake, Milo cream cheese, banana slices, crushed Oreo, and Milo powder
4. Add the mint leaves and gummy worms to recreate the garden look.
5. Serve Mum, with lots of love!

On behalf of Bloom School of Music & Arts, I wish all mothers a Happy Mothers’ Day!