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Happy 53rd Birthday, Singapore!

Singapore turns 53 today! Over the years, we have had many heartfelt songs composed to commemorate our Independence from Malaysia in 1965. “We Are Singapore” is 2018’s theme about celebrating our people, our nation, and our home. It invokes the strength and resilience which built Singapore, and it reminds us that we will collectively shape […]

Trivial Trivia – Digital Piano

In one of our previous Trivial Trivia, we learnt about the piano and how it works. In this post, let us take a look at the difference among the acoustic piano, digital piano, and the keyboard.   Acoustic Piano The term ‘acoustic’ was added after the advent of digital pianos. The acoustic piano has been […]

Trivial Trivia – Ukulele

ukulele pronounced as you-ke-lay-lee Legend has it that ‘ukulele’ was the nickname of Englishman Edward William Purvis, Assistant Chamberlain to King David Kalakaua (the last reigning King of Hawaii), perhaps because of his small stature, his energetic personality, and his expertise in playing the ukulele. It was thought the instrument he played for the King […]

Trivial Trivia – Guitar

Thanks to Hollywood, which sometimes play up mushy scenes with the man serenading his cat love of his life, we now recognise the guitar to be a very handy and romantic musical instrument to use, to melt the heart of your other half. Early forms of the guitar appeared as far back as 3000 years ago. There […]

Trivial Trivia – Drumsticks

My dad was shopping at a music store for drumsticks for his drummer friend, when he was told some words of wisdom: Don’t, rather, never buy drumsticks for someone else. Drumsticks to a drummer are as personal as say, a handphone to you; only you know what you want in a handphone. So a drummer […]

Arty Smarty: Poolside Pineapple Painted Ukulele

Although we do not have the four seasons in Singapore, I have always liked our naturally tropical climate. It tends to be hotter during the months May through July, and the weather gives off a summer feel. And I associate summer with icons of the sun, sand, sea, ice cream, lemonade and…. zesty pineapples! Chelsea […]

Musikgarten Preview @ JB

Musikgarten is a highly acclaimed Early Childhood music programme from USA with 30 years of research on child development and psychology. They are the leader in Early Childhood music education–for children and teachers. Through its comprehensive educational programme, children from newborn to 6 years old will develop a deep affection for music and possess the […]

Sing-along song – Put Your Finger in the Air

Some preschools follow a thematic curriculum every month or so. In the early part of the year, the children usually will learn themes such as “Myself” or “My Body”. I have the habit of creating a playlist for all the suitable songs for a theme. Keep reading to find out which silly song grew on […]

Tutti Keyboard for 4 – 5 year olds

Bloom School of Music & Arts has created our very own Tutti Programme to build on the musical abilities our students have developed with the Musikgarten programmes, Family Music for Babies (FMB) and Family Music for Toddlers (FMT), and Tutti Tots (for 3 – 4 year olds). From the pianica, students are gradually introduced to the […]

How to choose a second-hand piano

Being the eldest child and the only girl among my cousins mean that most of the time I get new clothes. Growing up, in a bid to save money for more shopping, I accepted hand-me-downs, and have continued this habit, so that I have more money to spend on learning experiences for my children. Once, […]