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Arty Smarty: Upcycled Drum Set

Since my interview with Knot d’Amour last year, my plan was to upcycle cookie tins and disposable chopsticks into a drum set. However, the whole process took much longer than I expected! There was a lot of trial-and-error. I wanted the drum set to look as authentic as possible, and I wanted to use only […]

Halloween 2019

Halloween, celebrated on 31st October every year, marks the beginning of a 3-day Christian observance, followed by All Saints’ Day and concluding with All Souls’ Day. Over time, Halloween became a secular holiday, with its associated festivities, such as Trick-Or-Treating still being observed. This holiday has now incorporated scary beings and symbols into the celebration. […]

Sing-along Song – 小情歌 by 蘇打綠 (Little Love Song by Sodagreen)

The world’s most familiar musical instrument, the piano, is used in a myriad of musical genres, from classical music to jazz, and even modern day pop music. It is also used for solo or ensemble performances, accompaniment, and rehearsals. The piano is often the instrument of choice for inspiring composers because of its versatility and ubiquity. […]

Exclusive Interview with Flowers By Sadha

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner again this year, after Chinese New Year. A common legend states that St. Valentine, a Christian martyr, defied the emperor’s orders and secretly married couples to spare the husbands from war. It is probably for this reason that this patron saint’s feast day is associated with love. Over […]

猪年吉祥 2019

The Race for the Chinese Zodiac by Gabrielle Wang, tells of a popular myth behind the Chinese Zodiac: Long ago in ancient China, the Jade Emperor, ruler of Heaven and Earth, proclaimed a mighty race: The first twelve animals to cross the river will each have a year named after them, and each animal’s position […]

Exclusive Interview with Knot d’Amour

Raising cookie monsters in the house means you end up with a sizeable amount of cookie tins you cannot bear to discard. So, I thought I would upcycle the tins and disposable chopsticks lying around in the house, into a drum set that my kids can play with! I was considering various ways to bind […]

Sing-along Song – Hotel California

I cannot remember exactly what started me on my musical journey. But I do remember attending music lessons at Yamaha, and performing in mini Electone concerts throughout my learning journey. My level of motivation to practise dropped as I got older and stressed with school, but I still appreciate good music and talented musicians. During […]

Ring for Friendship, Arty Smarty: Friendship Bells

The concept for International Friendship Day was originated in 1930 by Joyce Clyde Hall, the founder of Hallmark, the greeting card company. It took many years, but 30 July was finally designated as the International Day of Friendship by the United Nations, and countries are encouraged to observe this day in accordance with the culture […]

Happy National Day 2018: Exclusive Interview with Benjamin Kheng

August is always the time to celebrate our homegrown artistes! Singapore has no lack of talents who have made their mark both locally and globally. I am very privileged to interview Benjamin Kheng for our feature this year! Did you know he has synesthesia? Synesthesia comes from two Greek words, syn meaning “together”, and aisthesis […]