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Mindful Me: Mental Health Awareness Month

May Buddha enlighten you on the path of truth, love, and peace. Happy Vesak Day! This year, we celebrate Vesak Day on 26 May, which is also a Public Holiday in Singapore. It is an annual celebration of the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. The date every year is determined by the time of […]

Mothers are the best in the world (2021)

The best thing my Mum did for me was to let me learn music. I attended music lessons at Yamaha from when I was in preschool, all through polytechnic. Eventually I stopped lessons when I became a Mum myself! One of the elements of music I learnt at Yamaha is solfège. The naming system (do, […]

Shake your BBT! Arty Smarty: BBT Bells

It is National Bubble Tea Day! There are two stories as to how Bubble Tea was created. The first claim is that of Tu Tsong-he’s, owner of Hanlin Tea Room of Tainan in Taiwan. He was inspired by white tapioca balls he saw at Ya Mu Liao Market, decided to make tea with them, and call […]

Arty Smarty: Firecracker Shakers, Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

Lunar New Year may not be bustling and atmospheric this year, with fewer home visitors and restrictions, however, we can keep up the joy and spirit of this Chinese celebration within our own homes with handmade decorations! It is a great way to spend the long weekend with your children, if you haven’t already got […]

Does Christmas music make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. Seeing familiar, decorative symbols and memorabilia plastered about town puts me in the mood to decorate my home, and play Christmas-themed music. With Christmas being celebrated close to the end of the year, it also seems like a reasonable culmination of the year. What I like most about Christmas […]

Phase: Trucks! Exclusive Interview with Jim Gardner of Twenty Trucks

At some point in our lives, we have all gone through different phases of “favourites”. These phases became more apparent to me as a Mum. As a toddler, my eldest first developed an interest in buses. He influenced his younger brother, and subsequently my youngest, his sister. Over time, their interest in buses waned, and […]

Musical games to play with your children

Children generally love games and music. Why not combine the two and play musical games with your family? These musical games I will share, may not necessarily reinforce musical concepts, although you can adapt the game rules to include objectives to teach musical concepts. I will include some ideas for music lessons, and also share […]

Musikgarten – Family Music for Babies (FMB)

Music for babies? And why not? Just like how music can be therapeutic for you, it may well work for baby too. Research has also shown that studying music from a young age profoundly influences cognitive development. – Bloom School of Music & Arts is one of the few music schools in Singapore to offer […]