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Musical games to play with your children

Children generally love games and music. Why not combine the two and play musical games with your family? These musical games I will share, may not necessarily reinforce musical concepts, although you can adapt the game rules to include objectives to teach musical concepts. I will include some ideas for music lessons, and also share […]

Musikgarten – Family Music for Babies (FMB)

Music for babies? And why not? Just like how music can be therapeutic for you, it may well work for baby too. Research has also shown that studying music from a young age profoundly influences cognitive development. – Bloom School of Music & Arts is one of the few music schools in Singapore to offer […]

Happy Fathers’ Day 2020

Fathers’ Day is coming up. Here are some practical gift ideas for the important men in our lives:   For the musical Dad Learn, and perform Daddy’s favourite song. Whether on the piano, the guitar, or just crooning away on the microphone, your performance will melt Daddy’s heart. Don’t know how to play a musical […]

Exclusive Interview with SILOWAV

Music is a wonderful medium for us to express ourselves, and it is known as the universal language for a reason. Music can bring people together, and through songs and lyrics, people share their emotions, their experiences, and their love. Music artistes understand this, and often have a fiery passion to create quality music. One […]

Music as enrichment 2020

During this time of the year, parents are busy getting their kindergartners ready for primary school, as the registration for P1 has already begun in phases. In Singapore, all citizens have the privilege of a compulsory six-year primary school education. Here’s a look at the overview of Singapore’s education system: Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) […]

Happy Mothers’ Day 2020

For most of us, our mothers are our pillars of support. During trying periods such as the Circuit Breaker in 2020—an unprecedented partial lockdown of the nation due to a contagious virus—our mothers remain at the forefront of the house, helming the kitchen and the laundry room, ensuring all of us are well-fed and clothed, […]

Arty Smarty: Upcycled Drum Set

Since my interview with Knot d’Amour last year, my plan was to upcycle cookie tins and disposable chopsticks into a drum set. However, the whole process took much longer than I expected! There was a lot of trial-and-error. I wanted the drum set to look as authentic as possible, and I wanted to use only […]