Arty Smarty: Guitar

Ever wanted to become a rock star in your own band? Try your hand at making your very own guitar to rock that stage!

You do not even need any expensive materials; all you need are some recyclable materials, and you have got yourself an exquisite, unique, limited edition guitar of your own. This is also a good way to teach children about the 4Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Before you start going DIY, check out Bloom School of Music & Arts for individual or group guitar classes. Drop us an enquiry here to find out more.

Arty Smarty: Guitar

2 kitchen rolls

Empty cereal box

rubber bands (large size)

hot glue gun


1. Cut out a sound hole for your guitar.

2. At the top of the box, trace the diameter of the kitchen roll. Draw lines through the middle (like cutting a pizza), and use a penknife to cut along the lines. Leave the diameter uncut. Open up the box flaps.

3. Cut a kitchen roll to size (the width of the cereal box). Cut a hole on one side of this kitchen roll, to fit another kitchen roll vertically, such that it forms a “T”. This will be the support for the guitar neck. Glue it in place just below the fold (where the box flaps open), and ensure the hole on the kitchen roll aligns with the hole on the box flaps.

4. Glue the box flaps shut. Apply glue on the “little pizza” on the top of the box. Poke the other kitchen roll into the hole, until it sits nicely inside the support. Apply glue around the kitchen roll to seal the hole, and keep the neck in place. It should look like this.

5. Cut six little grooves on the front of the box. Stretch each rubber band around the height of the box and let it sit in each groove.

6. And there you have it! Your very first DIY guitar! You can take it a step further and customise your guitar with colours/stickers and what have you. You are now ready to rock your stage!

I hope you have enjoyed making your very own guitar. If you have made your own musical instruments, and would like to share it, please email me ( your pictures, or tag us on Instagram #BloomSchoolDIY.

Rock on!