Arty Smarty: Santa Elves’ Jingle Bells

As a mother of three, I can vouch that the children will play with anything other than their own toys. So it became a habit of mine to collect nice and sturdy recyclable materials for them to use during play. You can do your part to save Mother Earth by recycling: repurpose recyclable materials and make them into something new!

If you haven’t already signed baby up for FMB (Family Music for Babies class), have a go at DIY musical instruments. They are simple, and just as entertaining as other sound toys. Plus, being a Do-It-Yourself, you get to decide all the little details like colour, shape etc…

Arty Smarty: Santa Elves’ Jingle Bells


Bells (Really up to you to decide; I’ve used eight for one toilet roll)


Hot glue gun and gluestick

Skewers (aka satay sticks)

Toilet roll (sturdy, but not too thick)


1. Use a pen, or a sharp pin to make holes for the bells. I have made two holes in each quarter of the toilet roll, such that it looks like this…

2. Poke a bell into each hole.

3. Slide a skewer through the holes, to secure the bells. *I have split a skewer in half by cutting it length-wise, so that it can fit through the bell holes. I do it this way so that the bells will not fall off so easily.

4. Stick the skewers down with the glue gun. Trim off the excess, also ensuring there are no sharp edges.

5. Use the glue gun to stick down the twine while going round the toilet roll.

6. And voila! Your very own musical instrument!


* Children are sensorial learners. They love exploring using their senses. Other than twine, you can also use materials such felt, bubble wrap, sand paper, just to name a few. Of course these bells have to be used under supervision so that it does not disintegrate in baby’s mouth!

* To let the toilet roll survive any “attacks”, you can use contact paper (clear sticker) to wrap the toilet roll before starting on step 1.

* DIY means you can customise anything about your musical instruments! So let your creativity run free!

So there you go! The tutorial for your first of many DIY musical instruments! If you have made your own musical instruments, and would like to share it, please email me ( your pictures, or tag us on Instagram #BloomSchoolDIY.

Have fun!